so says :: eli lake

this will not end well ~ flynn is the appetizer ~ trump is the entree
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Hey, Mister "So-called President" ::

stop lying to news ~ WE CATCH YOU when you do it ~ says Rachel Maddow • swirl 

alternative facts :: 1984

don't let it happen ~ (George Orwell's final warning) ~ it depends on you!
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slippery • slope

carried away by ~ deceptive euphoria ~ headlong into war
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in the news

Donald Trump is one ~ impulse control malfunction ~ from launching new wars

just in time for the elections

tearing off the scabs ~ the cluelessness of privilege ~ supreme court rulings
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wisdom • from The Player (Pilot episode)

we are what we do ~ it's not that complicated ~ do good, you are good
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the donald j. trump ~ born on second base, stole third ~ thinks he owns the game • swirl 

pbs • first peoples: africa

we are all hybrids ~ some seven billion of us ~ across planet earth
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thanks for that • Liberty Mutual

not THINGS we have but ~ memories we make of them ~ wisdom from an ad
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traveler's • nightmare

eight to twelve inches ~ thick wet snow due by morning ~ happy thanksgiving • swirl 

make things better

jerks make things worse ~ assholes do it on purpose ~ sociopathy

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Noun (from Psychiatry): 

State of a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, 
often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

teddy roosevelt • on neutrality

TR said, "To be ~ neutral between right and wrong ~ is to support wrong."

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hands up • don't shoot

drug testing our cops ~ seek more reasons for the rage ~ can you say 'steroids'?

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can you say • trojan horse?

so-called aid convoy ~ not yet, we do not know what ~ still up-their-sleeve is

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